PM Modi Claims Telangana CM KCR wanted to join NDA

modi clamis on kcr

Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims that Telangana Chief Minister KCR wanted to join the party-led NDA, but he refused his entry.

PM Modi claimed while addressing during an event organized for laying of foundation stone of various developmental projects, in Nizamabad, Telangana, Tuesday, October 3.

PM Modi claims KCR wanted to join NDA

The PM also said, “I want to reveal a secret today. After the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections, KCR came to meet me in Delhi and said that he wanted to join NDA. There is a reason why KCR doesn’t look me in the eye. I did not agree to KCR’s request to join the NDA in exchange for BJP’s support in GHMC. There is no question of supporting BRS. I also warned him against passing the baton to KTR. After all, we are a democracy, not a monarchy.

He also added that when BJP won 48 seats in the GHMC elections then KCR needed support. Before this election, he used to welcome me at the airport, but later he stopped doing so abruptly. 

KCR came to him and told him he wanted to give all responsibility to his son KTR. “I will send KTR, you please bless him’, KCR told me…” PM says.

“I told KCR that it is democracy and his successor will be decided by the people of Telangana,” said the prime minister.

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