Pakistan: 32,000 appear for the written exam for 1667 posts

pakistan exam

Pakistan is in terrible financial straits. Moreover, the rise in unemployment only adds to the country’s troubles. Of late, a new image has appeared on social media, where thousands of aspirants sitting on a stadium ground to take a written exam for a constable’s position in Islamabad Police.

At least 32,000 aspirants were forced to sit on the ground for the written exam, which was held on Saturday in Pakistan at the Sports Complex in Islamabad.

As per Islamabad police, over 30,000 male and female aspirants from all over Pakistan took the written exam. For only 1,667 police constable vacant posts which were posted. For the past five years, the police constable positions were vacant.

Furthermore, the large turnout for the Islamabad Police Recruitment has sparked a new debate about the importance of increasing employment in Pakistan. Pakistan’s unemployment rate has reached an all-time high. Due to lack of recruitment in government jobs, the number of unemployed people is steadily increasing. Even after this, lakhs of people are applying for open positions in the government sector.

Based on a report published in 2022 by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), more than 31% of the country’s youngsters are currently unemployed. There are 51% females and 16% males among them, with many holding professional degrees. Nearly 60% of Pakistan’s population is below the age of 30, and the current unemployment rate is 6.9%.

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