Pakistan: 150-year-old Hindu temple demolished in Karachi

Image: Free Press Journal

A 150-year-old Hindu temple located in Soldier Bazaar, Karachi, was reported demolished on Saturday. The demolition happened late Friday night while there was no electricity in the area. That’s when the diggers and bulldozers arrived to finish the job.

According to news reports, the Mari Mata Temple lies on Mukhi Chohitram Road, close to the Soldier Bazaar police station.

Locals said that the structure of the inner temple was demolished, leaving the outer walls and main gate intact. The operation took place the whole night using bulldozers.

According to police, the attackers used rocket launchers during the attack. In response, a police force led by Kashmore-Kandhkot SSP Irfan Sammo came on the spot quickly to put the situation under control, First Post reports.

However, the locals said that Pakistan police vehicles were set up in and around Karachi’s Mari Mata temple to give ‘cover’ for those operating the machines and dismantling the Hindu temple.

Hindu temple demolished in Karachi:

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