Madhya Pradesh: Man Carries mother’s body on bike for 80 KMs

man carries mothers body on bike

A man carries mother’s dead body on bike for 80 KMs. Reportedly, he was denied an ambulance in Madhya Pradesh’s Shahdol district.

Ambulance denied

A video, which is making rounds in the social media from Madhya Pradesh. The video shows a man carrying the dead body of his mother on a motorbike. It is alleged that he was denied an ambulance.

According to reports in DNA, a man was forced to carries his mother’s body on a bike. Apparently, he traveled with the dead body for 80 kilometers to his village.

Furthermore, the man covered his mother’s body with a cloth, the son tied his mother’s body properly over a wooden track on the back of his bike and rode to his village.

Unaffordable amounts

Earlier, the hospital handed over the body to the man but no transportation service was provided to him. However, he tried to book a private van to take the body to his village, but he was asked to pay Rs.5000/-. Unfortunately, he could not afford the amount for the ambulance. Hence, he had to carry his mother’s dead body.

The incident happened after the hospital handed over the body to the man but no transportation service was provided to him. He tried to book a private van. They asked  but  Rs.5000 which he could not afford. Hence he decided to carry his mother’s body on the motorbike.

Aged woman

An aged woman, named as Jaimantri, complained of chest pain and was admitted for treatment at the Shahdol Medical College and Hospital on Saturday night. After she complained of chest pain. However, following no improvement in her condition and The lady. Jaimantri, was a resident of the Godaru village of Anuppur district in Madhya Pradesh, Jaimantri was admitted to the local hospital by her family members from where she was referred to Shahdol.

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