LuLu Mall Controversy: A timeline of events


LuLu Mall Controversy: LuLu mall is in the headlines for the wrong reasons. It was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath just 10 days ago. It is widely known that this group from the Emirates, has a political backing.

Political backing

Most importantly, not just the chief minister but also the backing of our beloved Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Earlier, the Prime Minister graced many inauguration ceremonies of this United Arab Emirates-based firm projects.

Apparently, this firm has invested Rs.2500 crore in Uttar Pradesh for many other developmental projects. Now, this LuLu mall is one the projects of the same group.


However, a controversy started just few days after the mall was inaugurated. A video went viral that few men were offering namaz in the premises of the mall. When the video went viral, the Hindutva groups staged protests. They started their routine allegations of “love Jihad” etc. However, the mall authorities denied all the allegations.

A FIR was filed against the unidentified people and booked under four sections of Indian Penal code.

Hindutva groups

On the contrary, the Hindutva groups, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha staged a protest that they would recite the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. Added to that, they also wanted to conduct a ‘Sundara Khaand’ in the premises of the mall.

Strict instructions

Further, the management and the police announced strict instructions that ‘no religious prayers would be entertained. In fact, the management released a video that they respect all religions equally. In addition to this, they tightened the security in the mall.

Hanuman Chalisa

However, the controversy deepened more, when two young men for the Hindutva group recited “Hanuman Chalisa” inside the mall. Very soon the police arrested the two men. More than 15 men tried to barge into the mall, but were arrested by the police.

CM Condemns the incidents

UP CM Yogi Adityanath on Monday, took the incidents seriously and directed the Lucknow authorities to take serious action of the controversy regarding the LuLu Mall.

Adityanath said, “The LuLu mall that is carrying out business activities has been turned into a political hotbed. Unnecessary statements are being made by certain people. Demonstrations are being organized to obstruct the movement of the people visiting the mall.”

He further added, “The Lucknow administration should take the matter seriously. Any such act should not be tolerated. The miscreants trying to spoil the atmosphere in the mall should be dealt with strictly”.

Moreover, the CM said that no religious events should be there on the streets and public places.


On Tuesday, the Uttar Pradesh Police arrested the four people who were allegedly offering namaz in the viral video.

On 19 July, a religious leader from Ayodhya, Pramahans Acharya, reached the mall and said that he ahd come to the mall with the intention to perform a ‘Shuddhikaran’ (Purification) ceremony. Tension prevailed near the mall as the religious leader was not allowed into the mall. However, the police took him into custody.

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