Largest Iceberg in Antarctica breaks off, says ESA

iceberg in Antarctica

A massive Iceberg in Antarctica broke off. This is bigger than Rhode Island. The European Space Agency confirmed this news. The floating iceberg cover more than 1, 600 square miles. It is the largest iceberg in the world.

The iceberg in Antarctica named A-76, calved off the Rhone Ice shelf and fell into the Weddell sea. The European Space Agency’s twin satellites Copernicus Sentinel-1 spotted the giant slab of ice breaking on May 13.

The news regarding the calving of the iceberg was confirmed by the U.S national Ice center – which is operated by the national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the navy and the Coast Guard. The recorded the position of A-76 in the Weddell Sea , the following day.

The organization tweeted on Friday, “Iceberg A-76 calves from the western side of the Ronne Ice Shelf in the Weddell Sea and is currently the largest iceberg in the world”.

According to the European Space Agency the iceberg is finger shaped. It is roughly 105 miles long and 15 miles wide. The total area is more than 70 times that of Manhattan, New York.

It is not a rare phenomenon that an iceberg splits and calves into the sea. It is amazing to see how these frozen platforms advance and contract. However, Scientists claim that climate change is causing hazardous changes across the Antarctica region.

According to the national Snow and Ice Data Center, Global warming accelerates ice-shelves retreat and cause it to collapse.

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