India’s census hit by technical and logistics issues

India census

India’s once-in-a decade census was hit by the pandemic. Supposedly, it should have been recorded in 2021. However, there are no signs of any plans to record the census of India in the new future.

In less than two months, India will become the most populous country in the world. However, there is no census done till now, hence, no one is sure about the count of the population in India.

The census was due in 2021, but it was delayed by the pandemic. Now it is an herculean task for the government. It will take not less then a year to record the census. However, it is again hit by technical and logistics issues.

According to the experts, the delay in India census, the date regarding employment, housing literacy levels, migration patterns and infant mortality is missing. This in turn affects the economy of the country.

All the estimations given by the government are based on the census data that is one decade old, hence unreliable. As of now the old data is being used for projections and estimates required to assess government expenditure.
However, the opposition Congress party criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They accused that his government of delaying the census by delaying the data  and hiding the data on political issues, ahead of national elections due in 2004.