Hyderabad police couple Pre-wedding shoot goes viral

A pre-wedding shoot of the Hyderabad police couple has gone viral on social media, and CV Anand IPS has mixed reactions.

In the video, a pre-wedding shoot of a Police couple, at the premises of Punjagutta police station in Hyderabad. In which the cops enter the police station premises wearing police uniforms and in police vehicles. The video clips show them singing and dancing at Hyderabad locations like Charminar and Laad Bazaar.

After the video went viral, people criticized the police for using police property for their videos. Many netzines are comments and tagging IPS officer CV Anand.

Hyderabad commissioner CV Anand reacted on video and said, I have seen mixed reactions to this. Honestly, they seem to be a little overexcited about their marriage and that’s great news, though a little embarrassing. Policing is a very tough job, especially for ladies. And finding a spouse in the department is an occasion for all of us to celebrate.

He also added The fact that it’s two police officers, I find nothing wrong in them using the police department property and symbols. If they had informed us earlier we would have given consent for the shoot. Some of us may feel outraged, but I feel like meeting them and blessing them, though they didn’t invite me to their wedding. Of course, I advise others not to repeat this without proper permission.

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