First year of Triple Talaq bill

tripal talaq

Triple talaq is an instant divorce, which has been used by Muslims in India, especially adherents of Hanafi Sunni Islamic schools of jurisprudence.  It allows any Muslim man to legally divorce his wife he just needs to utter the word talaq three times in oral, written or, more recently, electronic form.

Muslim Women Act was made last year and according to that if someone used triple talaq then Section-4 of the Act, the man would be punished with three years of imprisonment and also pay fine. This Law ensures that Muslim women get proper respect in the society.

Union Minister for Minority Affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said on 29th July that 82% cases decreased after the bill was passed.

Modi Government enacted a law that helps Muslim women to free from this practice of triple Talaq on 1st August 2019. Today is the anniversary of the triple talaq bill’s passed in the Parliament. BJP said that this bill helped Muslim women gain the respect that they deserve.

According to the Government’s report there were 3, 82,964 cases of Triple talaq from 1985 to 2019, but there is a sharp decrease in number during last year. Only 1,039 cases reported.

Uttar Pradesh reported only 281 cases last year whereas there were 63,400 cases during 1985 to 2019. Also according to the officials West Bengal reported only 201 cases last year but 51,800 cases during 1985 to 2019, which is second highest number of cases.

1st August is recorded and celebrated as ‘Muslim Women Rights Day’. This bill provides proper education as well as dignity to the Muslim women that they actually deserve.

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