Fear of Death haunting the man kind amid COVID-19 pandemic

fear of death
Off late, we hear people saying that an old mother was driven out of the house or old parents abandoned, or a family is ill- treated by the other residents of their flats, doctors, nurses and medical staff troubled and harassed by the others because they were treating COVID-19 patients.
The fear of death haunts humans like nothing else. It’s a fear strong enough to compel us to force medicines down our throats, run on a treadmill sweating and troubling ourselves even when we are not interested, at 7am on a Monday morning, and show our tongue with a wide open mouth and behave as puppets, doing whatever they ask us to do. Listen to the person wearing a white coat as if he is the savior of our lives and death.

Fear of death is referred sometimes to Thantophobia. Supposedly, Death is the only thing in this universe which man has not conquered.  God has been merciful to human beings by not letting them know the time of their death else we wouldn’t have seen so many happy faces every day.

This fear of death has increased in everyone these days due to COVID-19. It has hit people so hard that the famous quote, Blood is thicker than water, has lost its essence. People have forgotten humanity and the reason behind it is the fear of death which in recent times is a life threatening situation called COVID-19.

By reacting this way we understand that people have forgotten humanity and reasoning that even they can be affected one day as Coronavirus doesn’t differentiate between the rich and the poor, old or young, good or bad.

Well, sometimes it can be the fear of death of our closest people and hence we may over react. It can be the mental trauma or the devastation which may happen to our closest people due to our death,  and in this process that we forget that we are actually revealing so much about ourselves and that’s how we die before we really die in the hearts of our fellow beings.  

But all of us should understand one thing that death is inevitable. All of us have to agree that death will come to all of us. Let’s not try to avoid situations to help people. All of us should realize that the plug can be pulled off when the time is destined. Hence do not die before you die. 

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