Black Tea : Strengthens Immunity and Improves Gut Health

black tea improves health
Black tea: Can black tea make you acidic? Well, it can, if you consume it on an empty stomach or are already suffering from acidity.
Health benefits of black tea: This simple beverage has many benefits.
According to the famous lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, black tea helps in boosting your immunity.

1. Black tea contains tannins and alkylamine

The lovely taste to black tea is given by Tannins. Tannins can help you fight viruses like influenza, dysentery and hepatitis. Black tea also contains alkylamine, which boosts our immune system.

2. Good for patients prone to strokes

Black tea comes to the rescue of a person who is at risk of stroke or have experienced stroke previously.

3. Good for heart patients

Black tea consists of Flavonoids, which is a useful beverage for heart patients. It lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body and even blood pressure. Research shows that consuming three cups of black tea in a gap of four hours in a day, can reduce your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

4. Can manage blood sugar levels

Drinking black tea around 45 minutes after a meal can lower your blood sugar levels. However, it is only going to function in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and regular exercise.

5. Caffeine in black tea can improve focus

The amount of caffeine in black tea is lesser than caffeine in coffee. A cup of black tea improves your focus on for your morning activities. It should be ensured you don’t drink it on an empty stomach.

6. Black tea can improve gut health

Black tea can promotes growth of healthy gut bacteria and also improves gut health, as being healthy is an important prerequisite for everyone.

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