Delhi: Woman killed after dragged for 1.5 hours

woman killed after dragged
image source: The Indian express

A 20-year-old woman was killed after her scooter was allegedly hit by a car and dragged for a few kilometers, in Delhi, on Sunday. An eyewitness Deepak Dahiya, who owns a bakery shop on Kanjhawala Road in the village of Ladpur described the incident to the Delhi police.

Eye witness version

According to his description, the suspect dragged the girl’s body, which had become intertwined to their vehicle, for 18 to 20 kilometers and for almost one and a half hours.

According to ANI, the eye witness said, “The time was 3:20 a.m. I was standing outside of the shop when I heard a loud noise coming from about 100 meters away from a vehicle. Initially, I liked to think it was a tyre burst. I noticed a body being dragged as soon as the car moved. I immediately informed the police.”

“After some time, Dahiya said around 3:30 a.m., the car made a U-turn, and the female’s dead body was still trapped beneath the vehicle. The accused took U-turns on the road for about 4-5 kilometers.”

“I tried to slow down them so many times but they did not stop the car. They managed to carry the girl’s body for about 20 kilometers in about one & a half hours”, he said.

Meanwhile he chased the car on his motorcycle, while talking to the police over the phone.

Police version

According to Harendra Kumar Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Outer Delhi, at the time of the incident, the girl fell off the scooty and was dragged for a long distance under the car. The suspect was caught by police based on the enrolled car number.

The suspect told police that the windows of the vehicle were closed & the music was turned up loud, so they didn’t notice. While they found out, they fled the scene, DCP stated.

CCTV Video:


Girl’s situation

According to the police, the girl’s situation after the incident was really bad that after being dragged on, her clothes as well as the backside of her body were peeled off.

The girl’s body was taken to the SGM hospital in Mangolpuri, at which she was pronounced dead. The body was kept in the hospital mortuary for a while longer.

Meantime, the suspected car was located, & the 5 people present in the car during the accident were immediately arrested from their homes.

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