Chandrayaan 3 HEC Engineers weren’t paid salaries for 17 months

Image: ISRO twitter

The engineers who built the launch pad of Chandrayaan 3 are reportedly not paid their salaries for 17 months. The Chandrayaan 3 moon mission was successfully launched on July 14, 2023. The budget of Chandrayaan 3 is around 300 crores.

The Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) engineers in Ranchi have not been paid for the past 17 months, according to news agency IANS. Despite not getting paid for over a year, they continued to work to complete the mission before due time in December 2022.

Frontline reported in May that around 2,700 workers and 450 executives had not been paid for the previous 14 months.

HEC is a public-sector firm undertaken by the Ministry of Heavy Industries. It is located in Ranchi’s Dhurwa area. The firm has been facing a financial crisis for the last two-three years.

According to Wire, Nearly 3,000 engineers and workers are employed by the HEC and have not been paid in 17 months. The HEC has repeatedly asked the Ministry of Heavy Industries for Rs 1,000 crore in working capital, IANS report. On the other hand, the Ministry appears to have stated that the Centre cannot provide any help.

Ashok Swain tweet:

Engineers who built the launch pad for India’s Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission have not received their salaries for 17 months now. Modi has bought 2 Boeing jets for Rs 8,458 crore for his foreign travels.

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