Case Against Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Aide, UP Congress Chief In Bus Row

The UP government at first gave permission for the 1000 buses, which Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had offered to shift the migrants to their native places. Now he has accused the Congress leader of “fraud” by sending a list of buses in which most registration numbers belong to autos, two-wheelers and goods carriers.

A political fight which is getting bigger with Yogi Adityanath over buses for migrants, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday accused the Uttar Pradesh government of “crossing all limits”. The Congress general secretary, who had offered to run 1,000 buses to take stranded workers home, tweeted: “When we got a chance to set aside politics to help desperate migrants, they put up all possible hurdles “.

The UP government has accused the Congress leader of “fraud” by sending a list of buses in which most registration numbers belong to autos, two-wheelers and goods carriers. An FIR has been filed against Ms Vadra’s secretary and UP Congress chief Ajay Kumar Lallu for giving wrong details in the list of buses, UP government said.

The top 10 updates on this big political drama:

  1. “If you want, then put up BJP banners on the buses, but don’t reject our services because three days have been wasted in this political nonsense and in those days, many migrants have lost their lives,” Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, along with a video of Congress workers arguing with the UP police at the state’s borders, asking for buses to be let in.
  2. The UP government yesterday had agreed to Priyanka Gandhi’s request to allow the Congress to run 1,000 buses for migrants. In a letter, the government asked the Congress leader’s office to send details of the buses.
  3. The vicious circle came late at night when, a top UP government official wrote to Priyanka Gandhi asking that the buses be handed over at state capital Lucknow on Tuesday.
  4. The Congress’s response followed promptly, at 2.10 AM. Sandeep Singh, Priyanka Gandhi’s private secretary, wrote back calling the move “totally influenced by politics” and questioned why buses should travel empty from the state’s borders, where they are right now, all the way to Lucknow.
  5. Hours later, the UP government wrote another letter to the Congress leader, this time amending its earlier instructions and asking for 500 buses each to be sent to Noida and Ghaziabad that border Delhi. The UP government also asked the district magistrates to use the buses at the earliest after checking the documents. Yet, the fight did not end there.
  6. Priyanka Gandhi’s office wrote again to UP, saying the buses could be sent only by 5 pm as permits would take more time. “This will be a historic step, in which the UP government and the Congress, setting political differences aside, will collaborate for a humane cause,” said the letter.
  7. Collaboration tossed aside, the UP government has now alleged that the Congress list of buses includes the registration numbers of two-wheelers and autos. “We have done a preliminary inquiry and it has come to surface that out of the buses for which they sent details, many are turning out to be two-wheelers, autos and goods carriers. It’s unfortunate, Sonia Gandhi should answer why they are committing this fraud,” said Uttar Pradesh minister Siddharth Nath Singh.
  8. The charge was refuseed by UP Congress chief Ajay Lallu. “This government is trying to mislead people, it is deliberately dodging numbers and putting out fake numbers,” Mr Lallu said.
  9. At the heart of this political power struggle, the migrants are stranded by the coronavirus lockdown, left jobless in various cities and desperate to go home.
  10. The UP government had said no worker would be allowed to walk, cycle or take trucks to get home. This led to a pile-up of workers at the state’s border. Priyanka Gandhi  appealed to the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Twitter after a string of accidents involving migrant workers in the state, including one on Saturday in the state’s Auraiya district, where 26 workers died in a truck accident.                                                      ALSO READ:Why India needs Rahul Gandhi during the reign of Modi?