Car and bike racing in Vikarabad district Anantgiri Hills

car racing in vikarabad

On 15th August, when people were busy celebrating Independence Day, few people chose to go for Car and bike racing in the Anantagiri Hills in Vikarabad district.

Allegedly, the youth have planned it well as they can carry on their racing as the police will be busy during the Independence Day celebrations. However, they had the racing and stunts between 10.AM to 1.00 PM.

The racing and stunts in that area are prohibited, for which the youth need prior permission from the police. However, they dared to do so and came to the forest area between 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM. Moreover, they used air guns and sirens. Unfortunately, Videos of the stunts surfaced on social media on Monday.

According to the information given by the locals, this is happening regularly on weekends. Using social media, the locals posted videos and requested the police to take stern action against the people who carried out such activities.

After the video went viral on social media, police initiated searches to nab the accused. The accused are likely to be booked for illegal use of air guns, and sirens. Police said vehicle racing activities are illegal, hence steps will be taken to curb the menace being carried out regularly on weekends.

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