BoB withdraws Sunny Deol’s Juhu bungalow action notice

sunny deol juhu bungalow auction
Image: Box Office Worldwide

In a surprise move, the Bank of Baroda on Monday has withdrawn the e-auction notice for the Juhu Bungalow of Sunny Deol in Mumbai. The bank cited technical reasons for its notice withdrawal.

“Corrigendum to e-auction notice with regards to sale auction notice in respect of Mr Ajay Singh Deol alias Mr Sunny Deol stands withdrawn due to technical reasons,” Bank of Baroda stated.

Earlier Bank of Baroda reportedly put Sunny Deol’s bungalow on auction for failing to pay a loan worth Rs 56 crore.

On Monday, August 21, an additional notice was issued, stating that the sale notice had been withdrawn due to technical issues.

Sunny Deol Juhu Bungalow auction was withdrawn:

In less than 24 hours: –

Bank of Baroda issued an auction notice against BJP MP #SSunnyDeol‘s bungalow, alleging non-payment of dues worth ₹55 Cr –

Astonishingly, the bank promptly retracted the notice, conveniently attributing it to ‘Technical Reasons’, YSR tweeted.

Yesterday afternoon the nation got to know that Bank of Baroda had put up the Juhu residence of BJP MP Sunny Deol for e-auction since he has not paid up Rs 56 crore owed to the Bank.

This morning, in less than 24 hours, the nation has got to know that the Bank of Baroda has withdrawn the auction notice due to ‘technical reasons’

Wonder who triggered these ‘technical reasons’?, Jairam Ramesh tweeted.

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