BJP MP Pragya Thakur Shocks again: …because shudras don’t understand

pragya thakur about shudras
Many a times Pragya Thakur was reprimanded for her controversial comments. She was admonished by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in May last year.
She was condemned by her own party leaders. So much so that she was expelled from the defense panel by BJP. Still, Pragya Thakur continues to make controversial remarks.
In her recent controversial remarks, the Lok Sabha member from Bhopal cited that the dharma shastras (religious texts), had claimed ”shudra” (fourth and lowest of the traditional varnas as per these scriptures) feels bad for lack of understanding.

“A kshatriya doesn’t feel bad if we call them kshatriya. A brahmin doesn’t feel bad if we call them brahmin. A vaishya doesn’t feel bad if we call them vaishya.

But a shudra feels bad if we call them shudra, what is the reason? Because they don’t understand,” Pragya Thakur said.

The BJP MP Pragya Thakur is no new to courting controversies. She is the main accused in the 2008 Malegaon blast. She has often tried to stay in the news and get attention through her provocative statements.

BJP MP Pragya Thakur on Sunday, commented on Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over the attack on BJP president JP Nadda’s convoy in West Bengal. Pragya Thakur claimed that the Trinamool Congress leader “has gone mad”.

Pragya Thakur added, “She is frustrated because she has realized that her rule is about to end,” the BJP MP said. “She has gone mad,”.

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