Manjula Gudipati

Manjula is a practicing Counseling Psychologist, specialized in Family & Marital Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and CBT. Prior to her career in this field, she worked as a Senior Officer in Government of Andhra Pradesh. Besides writing for Avaaz24, she is associated with an NGO that works for mental health issues of the downtrodden.

Child Sexual Abuse: Why should we think beyond Good Touch, Bad Touch?

Sexual abuse of a child is a form of Child Abuse. Many schools are educating children on the issue by inculcating age-appropriate information. But...

What is Gaslighting in a Relationship? How to resolve the conflict

Sandhya and Ravi are newly wed couple. Both are working. Before marriage after talking to each other regularly on phone for 6 months, they felt they...

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