Ahmedabad Engineer Got In Touch With The Astronauts on the SpaceX Shuttle

ahmedabad engineer touch with astronauts

Ahmedabad Engineer: Adhir Saiyadh, an amateur radio enthusiast, used his amateur radio or better known as ham radio to communicate with the astronauts. Coincidentally he managed to got in touch with the Astronauts on the SpaceX Crew Dragon’s spaceship while he was trying to communicate with the International Space Station.

Saiyadh, a computer engineer, was attempting with his equipment to communicate with the ISS however he instead got a response from the Dagon capsule that was docked at the station.

“I was on a video call with my student regarding the ISS.He asked me if we could connect with the ISS. I decided to try and connect while I was on the video call.

I coincidentally got connected on their frequency and received a reply from the capsule and experienced a video call type connection,” said Adhir.

Saiyadh added that the call made him feel that he too, “was a part of the history they made.”

A Ham radio is used by enthusiasts for the purpose of non-commercial exchange go messages, wireless experimentations, self-self-trying and other purposes. It was the first time in history when a private entity was able to send NASA astronauts into orbit.

The Crew Dragon capsule was sent to Earth’s orbit on the Falcon 9 rocket. The capsule docked with the ISS 19 hours after its launch and at some point, Saiyadh was able to communicate with the astronauts aboard the capsule.

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