Female News Anchor barred by Taliban from entering her TV Station

afghan news anchor shabnam khan dawran stopped from work

Afghan female news anchor / journalist Shabnam Khan Dawran was barred from working at her TV station. She shared a video in which she pleaded the viewers.

As soon as the Taliban took over Afghanistan, they targeted the female journalists. They brought in fear and terror in women by assassinating one after the other.

This has become evident after an Afghan female news anchor said that she was barred from working at her TV station.

This young woman pleaded for help in a video posted on her twitter handle. In the video she said that after the Taliban took over the country, “their lives are under threat”.

Interestingly, couple of days ago, one Taliban official sat down for a one-on-one interview with a woman journalist on TV. This interview was to assure women about their rights.

Taliban claims that it will give rights to women. They can have rights in education and work. Moreover, the media will be independent and free.

On the contrary, Shabnam Khan Dawran who worked for six years for a state owned broadcaster ( RTA ) was barred from entering her office. Meanwhile, her male colleagues were allowed in.

The female news anchor in her video pleaded with the viewers,” Those who are listening to me, if the world hears me, then please help us as our lives are under threat.”

Women were excluded from public life, girls could not attend school, females were barred from jobs and entertainment, brutal punishments were imposed under the Taliban reign from 1996 to 2001.