26/11 Mumbai Attacks remains a black spot for Congress

26/11 mumbai attacks

Remembering the deadly 26/11 Mumbai Attacks, we @Avaaz24 pays tribute to the martyrs and the people who died in the attack. The 26/11 Mumbai Attacks which happened 12 years ago today can never be forgotten. The most memorable thing in the entire episode is the way how the security forces dealt with the alleged dangerous jihadis.

Well planned attack

Fifty-eight people died in the attack. Two young men Ajmal Kasab and Ismail Khan were inspired to carry out Jihad against Kaffirs. They started the attack at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, where over a hundred people were injured. Kasab and Khan then moved on to the streets and killed pedestrians as well as policemen, and headed towards Cama Hospital with the target to kill patients. Their goal was to kill 5,000 people.

Reaction of the security forces

When the Maharashtra ATS interrupted their car they were driving in, Khan and Kasab killed eight more police personnel in the ensuing gunfight. They opened fire on the crowd at Metro Cinema and then they drove to the Vidhan Bhavan and continued shooting. They abandoned the previous vehicle with punctured tire, stole a passenger vehicle and started moving towards Girgaum Chowpatty beach. 

A constable alerted the police, a roadblock had been set up. On seeing the police barricade, Khan and Kasab tried to make a U-turn, but they were gheraoed already, and the shooting began. Ismail Khan died on the spot, while Ajmal Kasab was captured alive.

Congress regime

This terrorist attack has become a black spot in the history of the Congress regime. The nation came to know the loopholes in the security infrastructure. Many claimed that the Congress party leadership was hell bent over pushing the narrative of Hindu Terror at the cost of the truth, if it is true then it went seriously wrong and was a malicious attempt.

Allegations on Congress

In another version, it is alleged that the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks was a fixed match between the Congress and ISI. This version had gained weightage as Kasab tried to manipulate a lot – changing statements multiple times, often contradicting himself, repeating what seemed like the material he was coached to speak to divert attention from the attack.

The Media and the intellectuals

Even the media highlighted this incident disproportionately. The intellectuals too did not utter a word, which tilted the matter towards a different narrative.

We cannot compensate the loss of lives, wealth and harmony, we salute all the security personnel who lost their lives in an ambush by the terrorists in 26/11 Mumbai Attacks. And the lessons learnt.

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