16 Afghan evacuees who landed in Delhi tested positive for Covid19

afghan evacuees tested covid19 positive

Sixteen out of 78 Afghanistan evacuees who landed in delhi reportedly tested positive for Covid19. There are 78 Afghanistan evacuees who reached India so far. However, as a precautionary measure, all the 78 evacuees have been kept in quarantine.

This Afghanistan evacuation mission is named as Operation Devi Shakti. As a part of this operation, 40 Indians from Kabul to Delhi on August 16. A day after the Taliban seized control of the Afghan capital city.

Unfortunately, 16 out of the 78 evacuees tested positive for Covid-19. As a precautionary measure, all the 78 evacuees are in quarantine.

All the 16 are asymptomatic- patients who do not exhibit any symptoms for the virus. These include the three granthis who carried the copies of the Sikh holy scriptures back to India from Kabul.

Union Minister Hardeep Puri, received the copies of the Sikh holy scripture at the airport on Tuesday morning.

India has extended its helping hand to facilitate repatriation to India for those who are willing to leave Afghanistan.