WhatsApp to soon work on four devices simultaneously with one account

WhatsApp four devices with one account
WhatsApp’s multi-device support is said to rely on Wi-Fi more than cellular data, which is currently under development.
WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned chat app is looking to add more features to give a tough fight in an attempt to wrest its customers as it is facing a strong competition ever since more players entered the space.

WhatsApp is working on the feature that will allow it to work simultaneously on four devices with one account. The said feature could be the first one of the many elements that WhatsApp will gradually roll out for multi-device support.

It is supposed that the WhatsApp watchdog, WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon let users sign in to their account on more than one device at a time. The functionality will likely rely on a Wi-Fi network that other devices may also need to be connected to.

The screenshot shows a “Continue” button to “begin the process” after WhatsApp is “connected to WiFi”. WhatsApp is still working on the feature and it is not likely to roll out soon to the beta channel.

While Wi-Fi could be one way to establish secure synchronisation of data between different devices connected to a single account, WhatsApp may add the mobile data option for when the wireless broadband connectivity is not available.

The best use case for giving the Wi-Fi option by default is that there are many devices, like tablets and even hybrid laptops, that do not have support for cellular connectivity.

Mobile phones definitely support SIM cards, along with a narrow range of tablets and even 2-in-1 laptops. WhatsApp may be looking to give every type of device the support for its under-development feature.

Currently, WhatsApp can only be signed into a single device at a time using a single account. Although there is the facility of accessing WhatsApp Web with the same account, it does not work similarly to using it on a smart phone.