Traveling in public transport is trouble when it’s crowded

public transport

Traveling in public transport is troublesome especially when it is overcrowded. People who travel in public transport would know how difficult it is. Getting a seat or standing in an overcrowded bus or train is tough.

It would be an uphill task if you are traveling with infants and old people in public transport. Despite written instructions, people do not have the civic sense to help the needy like the senior citizens, pregnant women or women carrying infants.

Sometimes, people dare to request the seated passengers but they refuse to vacate seats and even if they do they do it with lots of displeasure. Its really very difficult to travel in public transport when people needed.

A tragic incident happened on the  Mumbai-Latur-Beed Express, between Pune and Daund railway stations. Sagar Janardan Marked,  in a tragic incident, the argument over a seat on a crowded train cost a man his life. The incident happened in the early hours of Thursday on the had taken the train along with his wife, Jyoti, mother and two-year-old daughter to Kurd wadi.
Sagar, requested a woman if she could share some space for his wife as his daughter fell asleep in his wife, Jyoti’s hands. The woman got agitated and abused Sagar verbally.
Sagar questioned her for the abusive language she was using and told her not to use such language.

The woman got angry and then some co-passengers attacked Sagar and manhandled him badly for which he fell unconscious. Sagar was beaten for almost an hour by the public . Despite the persuasion of Jyoti and his mother, they did not stop beating him.

They also alleged that the train did not stop even when they pulled the chain many times. The train had halted for some time and then resumed it again.When the train stopped at Daund station, few passengers and railway police shifted Sagar to a private hospital where he was declared brought dead.

The police registered a case against the co-passengers, based on the complaint of the family. The co-passengers were identified and were taken into custody and the police have booked cases against them.

These passengers were not having a valid ticket and the group included six women too. This way passengers are using public transport. Sagar was an autorickshaw driver who was traveling to attend a funeral of a family member. Hence People who travel in public transport would know how difficult it is.

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