Sushant Singh Case: A Big Political Drama? 3 probable motives behind it

sushant singh case political drama

The most heard things these days are Sushant Singh case, Rhea Chakraborty, Mumbai police etc. Different media channels give different reports which have become unavoidable.

We feel that all this ‘hungama’ was made to divert the minds of the people to gain political benefits. There is a huge plan hidden in this political agenda.

The plan was to divert the minds of the people from the failure of the government regarding the Corona virus Pandemic, Financial crisis, anger of the people regarding the migrants, frustration regarding zero help from the government to the poor, and many more failures.

After all this hue and cry, Rhea Chakraborty was granted bail and nothing was out in the Sushant Singh case. In fact the NCB was scorned by the Bombay High Court and everything seems to be back to normal as no offence was found to show that Rhea had committed any offence or evidence that Rhea Chakraborty stole money from Sushant Singh’s account.

Even, the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) has given a confirmation that there was no evidence that Sushant Singh Rajput was murdered.

But to everyone’s surprise, the cyber cell became active suddenly and started manipulating the social media and created uproar over SSR’s death and then this news was disseminated all over the world. They accused the Mumbai police to have manipulated the case.

But after thorough investigation, it is understood that their cyber cell has found that 80,000 fake social media accounts were set up to spread misinformation about the Sushant Singh Rajput case. These media accounts were given to professional companies in countries as Romania, Poland, Turkey, Indonesia etc.

Many questions are unanswered after nothing comes out of so much of drama. We need to question ourselves now.

Who has done all this? Who has manipulated social media and TV? What is the motive behind the controversy? Why does anyone need to spend several crores on a controversy? What is the plan behind ruining the lives of innocent people?

Though we do not have answers to these questions, logical thinking will lead us to understand that whoever did it had access to vast sums of money, to a domestic core of social media trolls and has influence over our TV channels.

Use your rational thinking while you read the next paragraphs. Maybe you will think like me. Any guesses?

Yes, you are right! The forthcoming Bihar assembly elections! Sushant Singh was at first projected as the innocent boy from Bihar, who was ruthlessly murdered by the big wigs in this big city, using a model and actress to seduce him into a drug-fuelled lifestyle.

Apparently, it has worked.  Nitish Kumar’s party has raised the issue and feelings so strongly that all the other counterparts also refused to challenge this narrative. Even Mamata Banerjee, has not uttered a word in favour of the Bengali woman accused here because Biharis’ are her vote bank.

Second motive behind all this seems to destabilize the Shiv Sena-led ruling alliance. Time and again it was presented in the campaign that the Shiv Sena leaders prevented the police from investigating the case and many attempts were made by TV channels.

They also made an attempt to defame and drag Aaditya Thackeray into the Sushant Singh case through social media trolls in this campaign.

Thirdly, was to teach Bollywood a lesson. Politicians over the last five years wanted the directors and producers to become their puppets and to make films that reflect a particular point of view. They were successful to some extent.

Now the film industry itself is now divided into political camps. Politicians can do anything to harm the film industry. They are scared that they would be trapped in any kind of problem be it censor problems, tax raids, allegations of underworld links, etc, and then their career would be shattered.

Anyways the biggest take away from this controversy, is that TV channels played such a large role in advancing this controversy, which in turn fetched them ratings.

The lessons learnt is that a great nation like India can be easily manipulated  and fabricated by anybody willing to spend a few crores on social media.

This controversy has not only left scars on everyone but also has proved that we no longer care what the truth is if the lies are more interesting in Sushant Singh case.

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