Satya Nadella’s E-learning Platform taking a new level

E-learning Platform by satya nadella's

Satya Nadella’s E-learning Platform taking a new level, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Microsoft, aims to solve 1.57 Billion School Children’s Problem With E-Learning Platform in India.

The economy has been shattered due to the impact of COVID-19 across the world. People are compelled to stay indoors and maintain social distancing to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Many companies have instructed their employees to work from home.

The adults are working from home but the most affected are the kids. They can not play outside with friends or go to their schools so this new level of e-learning Platform by satya nadella’s gives helps to evryone.

Many schools have started taking online sessions,but a majority of kids coming from lower-economic backgrounds. they can’t afford such facilities. A program was initiated by Microsoft and Unicef’s together partnered to bridge the gap for children who belonged to the lower economic background  in 2018 . The program is known as – The Learning Passport aims to take things to a whole new level.

They’ve created a platform that would allow kids whose schools have been forced to shutdown due to COVID-19. With the help from the University of Cambridge and its departments, they are facilitating a country level curriculum for the children.

The Learning passport project was being developed since the past 18 months. They were supposed to commence their first program this year. However, It has been delayed due tot he global pandemic, which has caused chaos in the lives of the students. They are now considering all countries to facilitate online learning for kids across the world with a curriculum capable of being taught online.