Road Safety- Safety of Pedestrians Should Be the Focus

safety of pedestrians
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Road safety safety of pedestrians is the need of the hour. It should be the focus of the government.

Last week my friend was hit by a speeding car while crossing the road in Hyderabad. He was declared dead, on the way to the hospital. In April 2021, a drunk driver drove onto a footpath in Vikarabad.

Two people died on the spot and three others injured as they were about to cross the road. These incidents are just two of many such reminders that pedestrians are vulnerable group of road users.

Most of us walk along the roads or across roads. We may walk to our car, children may walk to school or super markets nearby. Hence, pedestrians are at a major risk of injury or death.

When there is an accident on the road, pedestrians(including cyclists and motorists) have four times more risk than the people in the vehicles.

In the last decade, the statistics show that road toll of pedestrians (cyclists, motorists) has increased. Fewer people in cars are dying.

Is the government doing anything to protect pedestrians?

It is important to know that more than half the people die on roads in our cities every year. That’s why the government is thinking about the major factors responsible for road accidents.

The major factors are – over speeding and negligent driving, drunken driving, Lack of pedestrian facilities in roadway design and land use planning.

The government is planning to take a holistic approach. Subsequently, they are finding ways and means to reduce risk by improving the safety of roads, vehicles and road rules, as well as driver behavior.

The government policies have changed certain plans or strategies. They are encouraging walking and cycling. The government is privatizing trains and many other sectors.

They give assurances that this will improve the flow of cars and freight vehicles. This shows that the government is not paying any attention to the needs of pedestrians.

How can safety pedestrians be?

Few researchers have given some recommendations to have better road safety.

  • government should increase their investment in public transport
  • reducing speed limits in residential areas
  • banning cyclists from footpaths.
  • maintaining footpaths and walking routes
  • right design of crossings and intersections

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