Railway train ticket cancellation rules explained here

train ticket cancellation rules
All the trains have been cancelled by the Indian Railways, on Thursday, till August 12, 2020. They have issued a notification today. All special Rajdhani, mail and express trains will continue to run as usual.
Indian Railways, cancelled all regular trains till August 12, 2020. However, all special Rajdhani, mail and express trains, however, will continue to operate.
The Railway Board said in its statement, “It has been decided that regular time-tabled passenger services including Mail and Express, passenger and suburban services stand cancelled up to 12.08.2020.”
All regular time-tabled trams for journey from July 1 to August 12 also stand cancelled.
The Railway board further clarified that all trains that are functioning currently to ferry passengers will run as per the schedule and there was no such order about a blanket ban on the running of trains. A spokesperson from the Indian Railways said: “No trains which are presently operational have been cancelled. Special Trains will continue to run. As far as the running of more trains is concerned, all will be informed and bookings will be done, as and when the decision is taken about them. There no blanket order ruling out running of more trains till 12 August.”
The railway has only enabled refunds for trains which are not being operated and for which tickets have been booked prior to lockdown and up to April 14.
If you want to cancel your e-ticket, here’s how you can do it:
  1. Access IRCTC e-ticketing website and log in by providing correct username and Password on IRCTC login screen.
  2. Go to ‘My Transactions’ and click ‘Booked Ticket History’ link on the menu bar
  3. Your booked tickets will be displayed, select the ticket to be cancelled and click on ‘Cancel Ticket”.
  4. Initiate the cancellation by selecting the passengers to be cancelled. User has to select only those passengers who are to be cancelled in case of partial cancellation of ticket.
  5. In case of partial cancellation, the passenger should get a fresh printout of the ERS for the passengers continuing their journey
  6. Select the checkbox before the traveler’s name and click on ‘Cancel Ticket’ button.
  7. Confirmation pop up will display, select the ‘OK’ button to confirm the cancellation.
  8. On successful cancellation, cancellation amount deducted and refund amount to be refunded will be displayed on the screen.
  9. Confirmation message for cancellation will be sent on mobile number (provided at the time of booking).
  10. Confirmation mail for cancellation will be sent on Email ID (registered with IRCTC User ID).

 IRCTC special train ticket cancellation and refund rules:

All passengers travelling in special trains shall be compulsorily screened and if during screening, a passenger has a very high temperature, symptoms of Covid-19 etc., they will not be allowed to travel despite having confirmed tickets.  In such case, full refund shall be provided to the passenger as under:-

  • One PNR having a single passenger.
  • On a party ticket if one passenger is found unfit to travel and also all other passengers on the same PNR do not want to travel in that case full refund shall be granted for all passengers.
  • On a party ticket, if one passenger is found unfit to travel however other passengers on the PNR want to travel in that case full refund of fare shall be granted to the passenger who was not allowed to travel.
  • For all specified cases, TTE certificates shall be issued to the passenger at the entry/checking/screening point itself mentioning “Number of passengers not travelled due to symptoms of Covid-19 in one or more passengers”.
  • After getting TTE certificates, online TDR shall be filed within 10 days from the date of the journey for refund of not travelled passengers,
  • TTE certificate issued will be sent by the passenger to IRCTC and full fare for the part passenger/full who have not travelled shall be refunded by IRCTC in the customer’s account.

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