Transformation In The Patriarchal Society

Can there be a transformation in the patriarchal society? If the answer is yes, then the change has to be started by the women and it has to start from our home.
Our society is gender-biased and very specific about the behavior of gender. The patriarchal society has self-made laws and ideologies as to how a person of a certain gender should behave, walk, talk and dress. Right from childhood, gender-specific behavior is taught to them, i.e. Boys are not supposed to enter the kitchen as it is only girls’ work and a girl is expected to be very polite, compassionate and caring and should know all the household chores right from a very young age.  
Gender disparities start at home, it starts when the child is born
. Being a girl’s mother was and is a matter of concern for a woman (especially in India) but now being a boy’s mother is equally challenging, in fact, more challenging. 
Girls today are well educated and working equally in all kinds of professions and are on par with men. They are well educated and are encouraged to take up new challenges. Whereas boys who are still under the age of old impressions of patriarchy are not able to digest the fact that they have equal competitors. Hence more responsible men are expected in society today. 
Previously, the society would furnish free pieces of advice to bring up the girls in a proper manner but with the increasing crime against women and girl child and the awareness among them, girls are suggesting the women to bring up their boys in a proper manner with due respect to women.   
Today’s man is expected not only to help around the house but also to take up all the responsibility of the household chores, forgetting the male chauvinism and egoistic thoughts. He is expected to respect others and accept rejections in a dignified manner and not hurt the sentiments of others in the process despite the gender and age. He should also understand that there is nothing manly in showing his anger.  
 This change should start at home. Mothers should take the initiative to train their sons in cleaning the dishes, house, and cook whenever needed and make him independent so that he is ready to face any kind of situation later. If the women in the house are treated with respect and there are no gender disparities in the house, the same would be learned by the children be it a boy or a girl.
The world would become a better place if the boys and girls are nurtured with the same rights and opportunities, understanding each other mental and biological differences and responsibilities towards society.