Patients are treated separately on the basis of religion in Ahmadabad

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Religious-based discrimination has emerged in the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, i.e  Ahmadabad in Gujarat. The Indian Express has revealed that patients are being treated separately on the basis of religion at the Ahmadabad Government Hospital. Officials confirm that all this is being done under the direction and supervision of the Gujarat government.

Medical Superintendent Dr Gunawant H Rathod, the Head of the CoronaVirus ward, confirmed that the wards were set up separately for the suspected Hindu and Muslim. He said that it is purely based on the decision of the government.

‘Typically, hospitals have wards that are separate for both male and female patients. But here we have separate wards for Hindus and Muslims, ” Dr. Rathod said. When he was asked about the discrimination, he said: ‘It is the government’s decision. Ask the government. ‘ There are 150 corona positive victims in Ahmadabad hospital. Out of 150 corona patients, 40 patients are Muslims.

Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister Nitin Patel, denied this reports and said that he was unaware of the division of wards on the basis of religion.

Ahmadabad Collector KK Nirala also said the same thing. “No such orders have been issued from us. We are not aware of the decision taken by the government”

The new block at the Ahmadabad Government Hospital was allotted for the Ahmadabad-Gandhinagar Zone COVID -19 patients from the last week of March.

Patients at the hospital revealed that the division of wards based on religion was real.  28 people in the A-4 block were called out based on their names, on Sunday night.  They were later moved to another ward (C-4).

The patients were not told why they were being moved from their ward. The patients later realized that these 28 patients sent to the other ward are from the same religion. When a hospital employee was questioned about this, he replied that it was done for the “convenience of both groups”.