Negligence at Gandhi Hospital, kin conduct a second funeral

negligence at gandhi hospital

Negligence: Gandhi Hospital witnessed an embarrassing mix-up of bodies of Covid-19 victims on Thursday, with one family having to search for the body of their relative, even as another family received the body and conducted the funeral.

The second family, who were given the original body later, will now have to conduct a second funeral.

Relatives of a 35-year-old man, who died of Covid-19 at the hospital, went through a upsetting experience due to the mix-up. The 35-year-old man was the owner of a drug store at Mehdipatnam and was first admitted to a private hospital on Sunday with Covid symptoms and was shifted to Gandhi Hospital on Monday.

His family was told he had died and that they could collect the body from the hospital mortuary, on Wednesday.  Surprisingly, the body was not found at the morgue, triggering a hunt in the hospital for the missing body.

“We were informed on Thursday evening by hospital officials that the body was handed over to another family, which without knowing that they had the wrong body, conducted the last rites in a burial ground in Pahadi Shareef. We are visiting the burial ground to pay our last respects,” a relative of the 35-year-old victim said.

Meanwhile, the other family were called in on Thursday and handed over the original body of their relative, who also had succumbed to Covid-19.

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