Mahua Moitra asks “who’s the pappu now?” In the parliament session

mahua moitra parliament session

Mahua Moitra, the Trinamool Congress Lok Sabha member attacked the Modi- led BJP government on Tuesday in the parliament session. She questioned the government over the claims of economic progress they had cited earlier.

She cited the own data on industrial output given by the government. She said., ‘Every February, the government had people believe that the economy is doing great, and that everyone is getting all basic amenities like gas cylinders, housing, and electricity.’
Ms Moitra said, termed it as “falsehoods”, and added that eight months later, now in December, “the truth comes limping after it.”
She said the government has said it needs  3.26 lakh crore in additional funds, over and above the budget estimate.


She spoke citing the data given by the government and also compared them to the actual statistics. She alleged that the government is making the people believe that everything is going great guns, but actually not.

She spoke of all the people who relinquished their citizenship from India. She stated that this year it is the highest number of people who relinquished their citizenship. She blamed the BJP government and the state of economy in our country.

She then took on the government over its alleged coining of the term “Pappu”.

Mahua said, “This government and the ruling party coined the term Pappu. You use it to denigrate and signify extreme incompetence. But the statistics tell us who the actual Pappu is.”

She referred to the latest data released by the National Statistical Office (NSO). Ms Moitra claimed that while the country’s industrial output shrunk by four per cent in October to a 26-month low, the manufacturing sector, which is “still the biggest generator of jobs”, has contracted to 5.6 per cent.

Furthermore, she took a jibe at the BJP over its defeat in the just-concluded Himachal Pradesh assembly elections, saying the ruling party’s president could not hold on to his home state. “Who is the Pappu now?” she asked.

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