Is India turning into Pakistan! Where is Ram Rajya?

Every day the rate of crime is on the rise, people do not give a damn about socialism, the caste feeling has increased, religious extremism has increased, there’s no law and order and countless number of other social issues which have come up after people voted for Ram Rajya.

A celebrity dies and the case is politicized, many girls are raped and killed it is the same. It has turned into jungle Raj which was referred to the governments in Pakistan.

Every party blames the other. The opposition is waiting for an opportunity to pull the leg of his counterpart.  Then there would demand sacking the government, the imposition of President’s rule. The National Commission for Women would be called in. Then after all this drama, there is complete silence on the issue. One fine day, we see both the leaders of the opposition and the ruling party sharing the same platform.

Hindu girls are forcibly abducted, raped and killed and thrown away. Is there anything different when referred to the case in Hathras? I feel such incidents compel people to think that India is turning into Pakistan:

The opposition has raised the issue of the Hathras incident targeting the UP government on the issue of the raped and death of a 19-year-old Dalit woman and her family and has accused of being treated wrongly.

Undoubtedly, the incident in Hathras in Uttar Pradesh shook the whole nation. The opposition started attacking the UP government. Shiv Sena, once a BJP partner, is also with the opposition on this issue. The Shiv Sena has raised this issue because it was condemned a few days ago in a film actor’s suicide case.

A girl was raped and murdered amidst the slogans of Beti Bachao. Unfortunately, such incidents of kidnapping and raping Hindu girls take place in Pakistan. The incident is Hathras is the same. The same people who did not react to the illegal cremation of the girl, reacted when an illegal office set up by an actress was demolished and in Mumbai. People shouted big phrases about the hiccups of justice, injustice, torture of women.

Is this freedom? Is this what we expect of Ram Rajya? Where is India leading to?
Such incidents happen in Pakistan, Is India turning into another Pakistan?

Such questions keep popping up when we see how political leaders behave in India.

 These kind of atrocities keep happening in Pakistan which has happened in the Yogi government or Yogi’s Ramrajya.

Apart from ‘Ram Rajya’ in Uttar Pradesh, a film city is being built in a thousand acres. Therefore, we can assume that many actors and actresses and nobles of the film world will go ahead to stay in Lucknow, Kanpur. will these people really live in Yogi’s Ram Rajya or Jungle Raj like Pakistan?

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