From a factory worker to an Indian Army officer, this 28-year-old man’s journey is one to inspire

from a factory worker to an Indian Army
The life story of Balbanka Tiwari of Arrah is an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve something great in their lives.
The 28-year-old Balbanka Tiwari, graduated from the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun.

He is  transitioned from being a sepoy to an officer in the Indian Army. Tiwari’s mother, his wife, and daughter take great pride as he graduated from IMA last week. A few years ago he worked as a factory worker and life used to be very different for Tiwari.

He worked as a factory worker and earned a meagre Rs 50-100 a day from the age of 16. He worked hard for over 12 hours a day to make both the ends meet for his family, said his mother Munni Devi.

Tiwari’s mother, his wife, and daughter watched with pride as he graduated from IMA last week.

Tears of joy rolled down his mother’s cheeks, when she saw him as an officer. She told the reporters that “He started working by the time he had turned 16 to support the family income and worked hard for12 hours in return for just Rs 50 to Rs 100 a day,”.

Tiwari, became successful only because of his courage and faith in himself.

Tiwari , moved to Rourkela in Odisha. I first worked at a factory that cut iron springs and rods after passing his Class XII. He was unable to find any prospects in Arrah, his native place. He then joined a namkeen (savoury)factory, but continued his education and took tuitions. Even in this time of travail, he never left his dream of joining the Army all this while.

He was always fascinated by the kind of respect he received at the village. His journey into a new life began when he cracked the entrance exam of the EME centre in Bhopal on his second attempt.

He worked there as a sepoy and prepared for the exams of Army Cadet College, which he managed to crack in 2017 for a few years.

Now as he has become a full-time Army officer, he hopes to serve the nation.

I am so happy I will serve the nation as an officer. My father will pick up the newspaper in the morning and will likely tell everyone around that I made our village proud,” he said.

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