Expensive Chicken Biryani costs Rs.50000?

chicken biryani

Ever heard of the cost of an Expensive Chicken Biryani per plate? A plate of chicken biryani costed a software professional Rs.50,000/-

Hyderabad: A Software professional ordered chicken biryani for a little more than Rs. 200/- from a food delivery app, When he received the order and opened it, he was surprised to find a packet of sambar rice. Lol this Sounds like an Expensive Chicken Biryani Right?

This man immediately tried for the customer care numbers and dialed a number he found on the internet. Supposing it to be customer care number of the food delivery app, was furious on hearing the voice from the other end. When the voice on the other end tried to pacify him, he told him his woe, for which that man assured him to do the needful or initiate the refund for the mistake which had happened.

In the conversation, he revealed that he had a Paytm account, for which the receiver asked him to follow his instructions. Little did he know that it was a group of con men who cashed on the opportunity they got.

These men took his Paytm details and convinced him to follow their instructions, which he did innocently for the refund process. When he received the message proceed to pay, assuming that he would receive the money he did so. The men on the other side told him that there was an error and told him to repeat the process thrice.

After the third process, he found that Rs.50,000/- was debited from his account, for  he approached the ACP, Cyber Crimes, Hyderabad and registered a complaint. The police cautioned the people to be careful about these kinds of fraudsters.

Avaaz24, the unscripted voice requests the readers to be vigilant against unverified portals and abstain from sharing your details to any known or unknown people to avoid such incidents.