Ex-BJP MLA Raja Singh blames Kannada Hindus for BJP loss in elections


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In a shocking video, the suspended BJP MLA, T. Raja Singh allegedly blamed Kannada Hindus for the loss of BJP in recent Karnataka elections. The video is now going viral over the media and the internet. However, the netizens have responded with mixed reactions.

He alleged that Karnataka Hindus sold their votes for thousand of rupees and chose money over the region.

The suspended BJP MLA was completely upset with Congress’s victory in the Karnataka elections. In the video he claimed, the people elected a party that “spoke about banning Bajrang Dal,” repealing the restriction on religious conversions, murdering cows, and having “anti-Hindu policies.”

According to news reports, “I am surprised that the people of Karnataka elected Congress to power.” “Why did they choose money over religion and a party that looted the country?” he added.

Furthermore, he alleged that Congress supports all ‘Anti-National activities’. We aimed to make India a Hindu Rashtra. How can this be done if people sell themself for Rs 2000?

Also, he claimed, Karnataka Hindus shamed many people like me.

Raja Singh remarks on Prophet Muhammad :

T. Raja Singh, a politician from Telangana state recently suspended from BJP for derogatory statements on Prophet Muhammad.

Full article: BJP MLA Raja Singh arrested for derogatory comments amidst protests

Raja Singh blamed Kannada Hindus for BJP’s defeat

Suspended BJP MLA T. Raja Singh blamed Kannadiga Hindus for defeating BJP. He alleged that the Hindus of Karnataka sold their votes for a few rupees, they chose money instead of religion, Abhishek tweeted.

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