Cartoonist Manjul Suspended Days After He Gets Twitter Notice

cartoonist Manjul

The Centre wrote to Twitter to take action against cartoonist Manjul profile. It pointed out that Manjul’s profile had content which ‘violated Indian laws.’

Consequently, Twitter sent a notice to cartoonist Manjul stating that Indian authorities instructed Twitter to take action against his page. Very soon, the cartoonist posted the e-mail on his timeline on Twitter, which sent ripples across the country.

Four days after this episode, this popular political cartoonist was suspended with immediate effect from Network 18.

However, this move has taken everyone by surprise. Apparently, he is suspended as Network 18 is owned by Reliance Industries Limited, headed by Mukesh Ambani.

Earlier, on June 4, cartoonist Manjul shared an email on his timeline. This mail was sent by Twitter. He captioned it with “Jai hi Modi Ji ki Sarkar ki”. In fact he also wrote that ‘it would be good if the government mentions, which tweet of his had created a problem’.

Besides sending an e-mail to Manjul, notifying the request from the government agency, it  also informed him that it was not taking any action against his profile.

However, Twitter recommended that the cartoonist could take legal action against the Indian government. It also suggested him to voluntarily delete the content or find any other resolution.

According to sources close to Network 18 say that cartoonist Manjul was suspended on this context.

Manjul criticized Narendra Modi -Led BJP government several times earlier too.

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