We Need To Stop Dragging Women’s Name In The Mud; Anushka to Sania

Anushka Sharma called Sunil Gavaskar’s comment “distasteful.”

Anushka Sharma, took to social media to respond to a certain cricket related controversy, on 25 September. Anushka’s statement, was aimed directly at former cricketer Sunil Gavaskar’s allegedly sexist comment about Virat Kohli practicing cricket with his wife.

She called Gavaskar’s remarks “distasteful,” Sharma directly posed a very pertinent question – “When will I stop getting dragged into cricket and stop getting used to pass sweeping statements?”

Later on it is understood that one social media user may have misinterpreted the video, leading to all of Twitter losing it’s cool. The controversy would not have occurred if Gavaskar wouldn’t have taken Anushka’s name in the first place.

Anushka’s rage is totally justified as this isn’t the first time Sharma’s name has been dragged into a situation related to her husband. Time and again, Sharma’s name has been used to unnecessarily stir controversy and make it seem as if she’s somehow an unlucky charm getting in the way of her husband’s career.

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