Uttarakhand floods: The guard who saved huge casualties in Raini village


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Uttarakhand floods: The guard said that as soon as the sound of the roaring glacier, he alerted the people by whistling. He intimated the people at the bottom that there was an inundation from above, due to which many people immediately reached a safe place.

In Chamoli, Uttarakhand, the mission of saving lives continues after the havoc of nature. Rescue teams have been opening the second tunnel since morning. 19 bodies have been removed from the debris, so far.

At the same time, the rescue teams have saved 15 lives till now. 12 people were rescued from the first tunnel and rescue operations are going on in the second tunnel.

According to Uttarakhand Police, 202 people are still missing in the disaster. The rescue teams have reached 100 meters in the tunnel. This devastation caused damage to Glacier in Raini village of Uttarakhand.

The scenes of destruction in Raini village is heart rending. Two power projects are erased. However, compared to the devastation that has taken place, there is no news of major casualties.

There is a lot of discussion about the intelligence of the guard of a power project in Rani village. In fact, on hearing the sound of the glacier breaking, the guard sounded a whistle and alerted the workers and the people of the village were alerted.

The guard said that as soon as he heard the sound of the glacier breaking, he had alerted the people by whistling, told the people below that there was a swell from above. Many people reached a safer place immediately. Though the whistle of the guard saved many casualties, 202 people are still missing.

Let me tell you that where there were two power projects in Rainei, there is now only a lot of debris. Everything was destroyed Nothing is known of the 32 people working in the Raini Power Project.

The sage Ganga Power Project suffered the most damage by uttarakhand floods. 121 people were working from here, nobody is aware of anything. All were washed away.

Due to this inundation on 7 February, the water level in Joshimath had reached much higher than in 2013. At the time of the 2013 disaster, the water level of Joshimath had reached 1385 meters, but now the glacier rupture reached 1388 meters.

However, the torrent of the flood has now calmed down, but now the glacier rupture reached 1388 meters. However, the torrent of the flood has now calmed down, but the danger remains still, due to the breaking of the glacier, the lake has formed in Raini and the water level in the rivers is also rising.

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