Unbeleivable facts about- Cow Urine or Gou Mutra

cow urine

Cow urine or gou mutra has gained lots of demand in our country off late. The sale of cow urine has picked up in Gujarat as belief that it has immunity boosting property gains ground in the state amid the coronavirus outbreak.

It is also observed that the consumption of goumutra (cow urine) and goumutra ark, or condensed cow urine, in the state has risen significantly after the coronavirus outbreak to about 6,000 litres a day.

Though there is no significant backing to believe that the cow is the holy cure for everything (just a Hindu belief). It has long been promoted by cow entrepreneurs as a universal remedy for innumerable ailments, but the fact remains that it really has no benefits.

Furthermore, a small group of people in Delhi held a cow urine drinking party to highlight these properties. Cow urine is not only being sold for oral consumption, but is also being used to manufacture body spray to keep the “malicious microbes” away.

People have been consuming fresh cow urine as a preventive against illnesses, there is also significant demand for the ark, which is used for both gargling and drinking.

They believe that apart from improving digestion, goumutra strengthens the lymphocytes and is reach in antioxidants. Hand sanitiser also is being developed from the cow urine now.

As the demand has risen tremendously, entrepreneurs are also adding Tulsi, ginger and other herbs to ark to develop a potent combination to fight cough and cold.

Around 4,000 gaushalas are there in, of which around 500 are involved in collecting and processing cow urine. Now they feel that they can become self- sustaining, AtmaNirbhar maybe.

With no offence to any religion- religiously glorifying an animal and upholding the fame without a verified synopsis shouldn’t be done. Cow is as important as any other animal and lets uphold all the animals equally. Moreover, let’s not give scope to superstitious beliefs and fall prey to the greed of few people who are earning out of nothing.

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