Umar Khalid Bail Plea: This is death of journalism says Trideep Pais

umar khalid bail plea

Umar Khalid Bail Plea: An Interesting Conversation took place between the Lawyer of Umar Khalid and Police Officials during the hearing of Umar Khalid case.

Umar Khalid who has been arrested on the charges framed in the North-east Delhi riots UAPA case. Umar Khalid applied a plea through his lawyer Trideep Pais who addressed arguments before the Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat.

His submission is all about scrutinizing Delhi riots conspiracy FIR 59/20 and how the Delhi police used a speech Khalid made on 17/2/2020 to nab him.

And the Delhi Police had nothing except Republic TV and News 18 broadcast to prob Umar Khalid.

Surprisingly, a new finding has been observed, that the speech which was broadcasted on news channels was not the raw and the unedited one.

The following are the claims made by the lawyer.

Pais: This is how Delhi police sought to obtain footage of the speech. They wrote to TV18 for the raw footage. But TV18 responded to say that they did not have raw footage and took it from a tweet made by a BJP member.

(Lawyer Trideep Pais argues Republic TV showed an editid version of Khalid’s speech which was tweeted by Amit Malviya.)

Pais: The journalist didn’t even have the responsibility to go there. It’s not a journalistic thic. This is death of journalism.

Pais: The police wrote to Republic TV for the same raw footage as well. Republic TV responded to say the footage they aired “was not recorded by our camera person”. In its letter to police, Republic TV points the source to a tweet by Amit Malviya.

Pais: “It is copying the tweet from a politician and placing it as your own news item”

(Pais brought the tweet of Amit Malviya and plays the clip he tweeted of Khalid speaking at Amravati. Later, he played the entire video of the speech of Khalid of that day)

Video speech ends…

Judge: What is the meaning of “Ehtezaad?”

(Someone who was present for the hearing said “Ehtezaad”means protest)

Pais: He(Khalid) is talking about democratic power. He refers to Gandhi… he does not call for violence.

(Pointing out how police did not produce the entire speech)

Pais: Look how Lopsided the whole prosecution is that they have only one speech against me.

(Showing the Quint report)

Pais: Police hatched a conspiracy and said that during the meeting on 08/01/20 with Tahir Hussain, Khalid Saifi, Umar Khalid at Shaheenbagh planned violence for Trump visit . But the news of the Trump visit came out on January 14.

(The lawyer argued how Khalid etc could know of Trumps visit beforehand)

Pais: How did MEA not know Trump was coming?

(Pais scrutinized the alleged meeting and the witness for 10 mins)

Pais: This is a Joke! There is no accused who should be arraigned in this FIR. It is cooked up from day one. Is it that easy to prosecute people?

Hearing ends. To continue on 03/09 and 06/09