Thief who returned stolen Covid Vaccines, untouched 50,000 cash

thief returned covid vaccines

The police who are investigating the case of the stolen Covid Vaccines which were returned realized that the thief stole RTI files but did not touch 50,000 cash too.

The police officer revealed that a man by name Sunhera, was sleeping on a charpoy (cot) outside his own tea stall. A man came to him and handed over a polythene bag to him.

The old man remembers that man to be wearing mask and his face was fully covered. The thief asked this old man to handover the bag to the Munsi (officer) inside. He dropped the bag and left on his scooter. Little did he know that they were vaccines in the bag. He came to know only when it came in the news.

When the officers opened the bag, they were surprised to see the vials of Covaxin and Covishield in it. Moreover, they found a note written in Hindi ‘Sorry, I did not know they were vaccines’

The news of the returned missing vaccines went viral and everyone started sympathizing the honest thief. Surprisingly, one thing which was not returned was the RTI file which was stolen. The officers realized it later.

The RTI documents could be accessed by anyone and are not of great value, but the whole episode is puzzling now.

The Deputy Inspector General O.P.Narwal, said, It’s possible that the motive of the thief was the documents, but they stole the vaccines as a front for the documents. It is also possible that they mistook the vaccines for medicine. It is too early to tell the motive behind the theft”.

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