The One Child Policy of China

the one child policy of china

 The one child policy was introduced to China in 1979. Later, after facing a lot of complications in 2015 this policy came to an end. Over 36 years this policy was forced on Chinese people.

The government mandated women to have only one child and made many awareness campaigns across the country regarding family planning and its importance. Families were fined for having more than one child.

The government was so strict and imposed harsh punishments on the couples having more than one child.

As to control the birth rate and decline the population, The women had to undergo sterilization, abortion and a lot of pain. Instead of solving the problem, this turned out to be a failure.

The abolition of the policy in 2015 was not the end of state birth control programs in China—the government simply returned to the two-child policy that was in place before 1980.

Few problems which arose due to the one child policy were -overcrowding in orphanages became common, and families also complained of the “4-2-1” problem—for every four elders, there could now legally be only two children and one grandchild to support them in their old age.

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