South Korean groom dancing to Punjabi ‘boli’ during his Indian wedding

Korean groom dancing to punjabi boli

A viral video of a South Korean groom dancing to Punjabi ‘boli’ that was sung by a wedding guest during his Indian wedding.

A south korean boy Jimin married an Indian bride Shivangi. The couple shared few videos from there Baraat on Instagram. Jimin was dressed in a sherwani sitting on a horse, with a man beside him singing the Punjabi song ‘Boli’ Baari Barsi Khatan Gaya Si. After saying his Punjabi ‘Boli,’ the Korean groom is dancing to the dhol beats.

Jimin’s wife Shivangi posted video on Instagram with caption “Jimin oppa just knew he had to dance after it! Wish I could attend my Baraat too. Boli partner @amannoberoi shukria char chand lagane ko! PS: Special thanks to my office colleagues for the shor.”

The video was posted a few days ago and has garnered over 4 million views and over 513,000 likes. The netzines comment on video praised the South Korean groom.

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