SC Refuses To Entertain Republic’s Plea, “Go To High Court Like Any Other Citizen”

The supreme court told the Republic channel to approach the Bombay High Court “like any ordinary citizen facing investigation”.

The SC refuses to entertain a plea filed by Republic TV today, requesting a CBI probe on the alleged rigging viewership rating scam as alleged by the Mumbai police. The Supreme court advised the channel to approach the Bombay High Court “like any ordinary citizen facing investigation”.

The top court said “You have already filed a petition in HC. The high court is already held of the case, hence if this petition is entertained without the message from the HC would be wrong. It would send a message that we don’t have faith in High Courts. Justice DY Chandra Chud said, who was heading the three-judge bench, said that ‘like any other citizens faces the predicament of probe under Cr.P.C must go to High Court.’

The Mumbai police, had opposed already that the Republic TV had filed a petition earlier and that the channel was making attempts to thwart the police investigations in the case.

The Mumbai police, in an advance affidavit filed in the SC late last night, said  Republic TV is abusing the process of law by conducting programmes in the case and “intimidating the witnesses”.

The Police in their affidavit said that Republic TV had demanded to transfer the probe to CBI is misconceived. Republic TV wants to thwart the probe into avoidance of TRP ratings. Media trial is against free and fair probe.

Arnab Goswami (Republic TV’s editor-in-chief) is holding debates and discussions to influence the witnesses and that they were interfering with the probe done by the police.

Replying to the channel’s claim on freedom of speech, the police in its affidavit said, “Freedom of speech right cannot be invoked into an alleged crime. Right under Article 19(1) freedom of speech cannot be a shield against the probe.”

A number of officials of several channels have been summoned in the case, the police added.

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