Religious & Election events are top reasons for COVID spike in India: WHO

reasons for covid-19 spike

The World Health Organization has recently published the risk assessment situation in India. It found that the ‘resurgence and acceleration’ of COVID-19 transmission was due to few top factors. Several potential factors were religious and election mass gatherings are top reasons for COVID-19 spike in India.

WHO, in its COVID-19 weekly Epidemiological Update, published on Wednesday. It said that, firstly, the viruses in the B.1.617 lineage were first reported in India in October, 2020.

The update said that the resurgence in COVID-19 cases and deaths in India raised many questions. WHO tried to find the potential role of B.1.617 and other variants. These variants are in circulation.

A recent risk assessment of the situation in India was conducted by WHO. It found that resurgence and acceleration of COVID-19 transmission in India due to several potential contributing factors. Consequently, there’s an increase in the proportion of cases of SARs-CoV-2 variants. The proportion of transmission of the variants increased.

Several religious and political mass gatherings increased social mixing. However the exact contributions of these factors for increased transmission is not well understood yet.

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