How is Rahul Gandhi a Thorn in the side of BJP

Undoubtedly, Rahul Gandhi can be that leader but he needs to stop listening to his heart and moods.

rahul gandhi

Thousands of trolls, paid media, humiliating memes can be seen everywhere about Rahul Gandhi, still everyone’s sub-conscious pricks them with a good feeling about this young leader.

His gestures depict the humanitarian side in him. His concern for everyone, his smile on his face shows his sincerity, his warmth takes everyone to like him. This is what this 50 year old leader is all about.

Why do people hate him?

People do not hate Rahul Gandhi, in fact the paid media and the paid IT-Cell of BJP has created all this mess. The only fault of his is that he is born in a Political family. But that did not deter his personality. He does things which are not expected from politicians.

Rahul Gandhi does not do things for the camera, but he is trolled to be fake. He could not demonstrate the authoritarian kind of politics. Convincing people with his empathy and compassion, is not his cup of tea. He is not able to counter their abusive language and hatred.

He is nick named as’ Pappu’ by the then opposition as they know that he is a threat to them. They are trying to brain wash people by spreading negativity about him. Even they are unaware why do they call him that way. In fact, the person who first called him a ‘Pappu’ has a son who is a real ‘Pappu’ (Find out)


Rahul Gandhi is criticized because he is trying to strike the right things. He questions the government about many things. He doesn’t stop asking them points to think over even when they criticize him and troll him badly.

Rafale Jets

He was the one who constantly spoke about corruption in the Rafale Jets in 2016. No one gave heed to that then. Now it is proved with the right evidence, that corruption was done in the acquisition of Rafale Jets.

Hathras Rape Case

Rahul Gandhi called for justice when a Dalit girl was raped and killed by the upper caste men, in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. He requested the government for justice to the girl and her family.

He repeatedly told the government to safeguard the rights of the people and to stop attacks on the media and the Judiciary. Alas! Everything fell onto deaf ears.

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Corona Pandemic

He is the first one who spoke against the mishandling of the Corona pandemic by the government led by Modi. But then he was criticized and was trolled to be creating confusion in the minds of the people. But now the condition of the pandemic has gone bad to worse.

When the government started exporting the vaccines he kept informing them that the vaccine can be exported once everyone in our country are vaccinated but no one listened to him. Now our own people have to reach the black markets to have vaccines.

The pandemic has spread so badly that there are ore than 2 lakh cases per day.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ( RSS)

Rahul Gandhi has been vocal about the interference of RSS in the government administration and policies. He yelled around to say that there is a decline in democracy due to the is fascist kind of ideology.

None of the noises were heard. Only to see that democracy has gone to the drains.

Single and Unmarried

All his claims are justified and his principles are to be adored. Yet he is mocked as ‘Pappu’. He is ridiculed for being single and unmarried. He is questioned for his long absence from politics.

Rahul Gandhi go for unannounced vacations after every elections, which troubles many. He is a politician who goes by his moods and who listens to his heart.

Unfortunately, politics needs a person who would be active 24/7. It needs a person who can stoop down to any level. They should be able to dirty their hands for trivial things. However, Rahul Gandhi does not do all these things, according to close sources.

Hence, he is mocked, criticized and ridiculed.

Thorn to the Ruling Party

The ruling party feels he is a thorn to their side, hence spreads fake news about him. Anyways, India needs a leader who could take on the Prime Minister every day in and every day out. A strong leader who can make the Prime Minister accountable for the decline of the country’s growth.

Undoubtedly, Rahul Gandhi can be that leader but he needs to stop listening to his heart and moods.

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