‘Media Tower’: An infotainment Initiative of KCP Infra Ltd. Under Smart City Project to be Unveiled Soon

Media Tower is hailed as first-of-its-kind project in South Asia

Executed by KCP Infra Ltd., the project is a technology marvel

Coimbatore City Corporation, as part of its ambitious Smart City Project, has set up a state-of-the-art Media Tower at the famed Thomas Park in the Race Course area. Hailed as the first-of-its-kind project in South Asia, the Media Tower project has been designed and executed by KCP Infra Ltd.

As part of Smart City Project, a state-of-the-art Media Tower Media Tower designed and installed by KCP Infra Ltd. at Race Course in Coimbatore

Media Tower is an innovative project which aims to disseminate initiatives & schemes announced by the Central and State Governments and are expected to become a one-stop source of information for the masses. The Media Tower is set to be unveiled by the Department of Municipal Administration very soon.

Commenting on the Media Tower project’s uniqueness, K. Chandra Prakash, Managing Director, KCP Infra Ltd., said, “While disseminating information will be the primary objective of this project, at the same time this innovative project will double as an entertainment area, this media tree is also focusing on attracting advertisement revenue, which best of the class global facilities. The Media Tower is more of an infotainment project that will put Coimbatore on the global tourism map. Further, advertising in the media tree’s sloped LED screen, will be a pride for the advertisers.”

Sharing salient features of the project, K. Chandra Prakash said the Media Tower will have a height of 30 meters, with a perimeter of the display area at 8.70 meters and a width of 1.8 meters. The entire tower is equipped with 5 thousand LED lights that vary in a million colors. A flickering effect has been provided. A sloped led screen has been used similar to that of the famous Garden by the Bay Park in Singapore.

In the display area, news, important information about the government schemes & announcements, and information published on the Central and State government websites, advertisement, etc. can be broadcast up to 8K technology quality. A control room has been set up at RS Puram for the purpose of broadcast government announcements. This media player has advance technology which can be controlled remotely. Media Tree is fast becoming viral on YouTube and social networking sites.