Jagtial: Employees wearing helmets in MPDO office while working

Image: Screengrab

Jagtial: With the roof crumbling and plasters falling off, the employees were seen working by wearing helmets, as they don’t want to risk their lives. The incident reportedly happened at the MPDO office in Beerpur mandal of Jagtial district.

Despite heavy rains, the rocks from the top fell down and plasters fell off the ceiling. So in order to perform their duties the employees are forced to wear helmets while working in the office.

According to news reports, employees report that no matter how many times they appeal, they do not pay attention.

The visuals and videos of the office are now going viral all over social media and the internet. Surya Reddy, a journalist shared the videos of the office on his official Twitter handle.

Jagtial: Employees wearing helmets at work in MPDO office

As plasters falling off ceiling, govt employees attended for duty with helmets at workplace. The dilapidated condition of a MPDO office in Beerpur mandal of Jagtial dist, employees forced to wear helmet, as they don’t want to risk lives, Surya Reddy tweeted.

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