Inter Students Issued TC For Fake Marriage In Class Video

inter students marriage in class

Two intermediate students who shot a video of themselves getting married in a classroom were issued Transfer Certificates, and removed from college after the video went viral in East Godavari district.

As per reports, a boy and girl (names withheld) were studying Intermediate Second Year (MPC group) in Rajahmundry Junior College, shot a fake video of them getting married on November 17 in their classroom. The boy was seen trying a yellow thread and putting the saffron on the girl’s forehead in the video and posed for the camera. The video was later uploaded on Social Media which went viral, and came to the notice of the college management much later. The Principal took immediate action and issued a Transfer Certificate and removed both of them from the rolls.

The students requested the college authorities that it was just a fake marriage and they did that only to get likes on Social Media. The parents of the students’ were in a state of shock and felt that the incident was a major embarrassment for them. The parents expressed that they were very disappointed to know about their behaviour as they had sent their wards to study, but ended up being sent out from college. There is no information or revealed yet as to who shot the video.

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